Friday, March 20, 2009

Sample Retainer Agreement Provision

Posted by Matthew Garretson and Elizabeth Vish Shad

How can we get a copy of that sample provision for a retainer agreement that you showed?

-Recent Seminar Attendee

Below is the sample provision:

We understand that current laws with regards to (Healthcare Providers) may require all parties involved in this matter to compromise, settle, or execute a release of Healthcare Providers’ separate claim for reimbursement / lien for past and future payments prior to distributing any verdict or settlement proceeds. We agree that the law firm may hire separate experts / case workers who assist with resolving any Healthcare Providers’ reimbursement claims or liens for past and/or future injury-related medical care. The expense of any such service shall be treated as a case expense and deducted from our net recovery and shall not be paid out of the law firm’s contingent fee in this matter.