Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Medicare Conditional Payments & Medicare Set-Asides Issues

My client has never used Medicare as he is covered under his wife's policy. The insurance company is asking to verify that Medicare will have no future interest or current interest. I went on mymedicare.gov an looked up to see if any payments were ever made under the Medicare Policy and found not a single claim made. I gave that to the adjuster but that was not sufficient. Is there an easy way to get a letter that says no payments and no future interest, so my client can get money?

Minnesota Attorney

Not to worry because you are not alone in having the insurer asking for this information. What the insurer is looking for is a letter directly from Medicare stating that it has not paid anything in the form of conditional payments (date of injury to date of settlement). It is also looking for information directly from Medicare regarding any future interest that should be satisfied. While Medicare will issue a letter regarding the conditional payments paid, it will not issue a letter about the future interests.

The appropriate way to obtain that letter from Medicare about conditional payments is to establish a tort recovery record with Medicare and request a conditional payment listing. Upon receipt, that can be provided to the insurer as evidence that Medicare has not paid anything. Though Medicare will not issue a letter about any future interests, you are still under the obligation to "consider and protect" Medicare's future interest under the Medicare Secondary Payer statute. To do that, you need to ask and answer the question "Is a Medicare Set-Aside necessary under these case specific facts?" If yes, then determine the proper amount to set aside. If no, then document your file to show how you arrived at that conclusion.

We can assist you with regards to all action steps described above. At your convenience, I would be happy to discuss with you how GFRG can help your client maintain absolute Medicare compliance.

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John Cattie